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Geothermal energy is a vast, inexhaustible energy source right beneath our feet. So why does it still supply less than 1% of our energy needs?

Geothermal Energy


Dependence on relatively rare underground hot water reservoirs, recurring water demands (as high as millions of gallons per day), and low thermal energy output from conventional geothermal systems have kept geothermal energy’s full production potential trapped in the Earth’s crust.

At XGS Energy, our unique heat harvesting technology makes geothermal energy scalable.

The result? Global access to affordable, carbon-free 24/7 geothermal energy.

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How our
heat-harvesting technology works

We drill a single, directional well to access hot rock, targeting 250 °C or higher. We then establish a network of proprietary thermally conductive material around the wellbore. This network “pulls” heat to the well. Thermally conductive cement and well casing collect that heat, which is used to heat water running through a coaxial closed-loop system.

That hot water is returned to the surface, where heat can be used directly or converted to electricity using off-shelf power production infrastructure.

End dependence on water.

Current geothermal systems cycle millions of gallons of water down injection wells, through hot rock, and then back to the surface via a separate production well—losing sizable volumes of water in each cycle. These systems limit geothermal energy production to areas where there is an ample supply of water.

XGS Energy’s system recirculates the same water over and over again through a closed-loop, hermetically-sealed system. By eliminating the need for large volumes of water, our solution makes geothermal production possible even in water-scarce regions. 

Cut costs.

Our system delivers sizable operational savings due to minimal well maintenance and water requirement. With an XGS system, there is no need to continuously buy, transport, and chemically treat large volumes of water. 

Further, our closed-loop well architecture is designed to avoid cost-intensive challenges such as scaling and corrosion that traditional geothermal systems often encounter over time.

Maintain well productivity. 

Our closed-loop, heat-harvesting approach mitigates the challenge of thermal decline experienced by all geothermal systems operating today, enabling a true 30+ year lifetime for geothermal assets.

Access carbon-free energy 24/7.

Whether you’re operating in a remote location or generating power for the grid, the XGS Energy heat-harvesting system gives you access to affordable, reliable, and resilient baseload power that can scale as your energy needs grow. 

We bring an expert team of scientists, engineers and innovators.

Our team is composed of the best and brightest minds with hundreds of years of cumulative experience in materials science, geoscience, thermal and heatflow modeling, fluids engineering, and drilling and completions. 

The time for geothermal is now.

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